Guess We're Different, Huh?
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My name's Johnny. You can usually find me in the lot or with the gang.
//Indie Johnny Cade from The Outsiders.


im drinking milk for good

I used to talk about killing myself all the time. I don't want todie now. It ain't long enough. Sixteen years ain't gonna be long enough. Hell, I wouldn't mind so much if there wasn't so much stuff I ain't done many damn things I ain't seen yet. That time we were up in Windrixville...was the only time I've ever been away from our neighborhood.

mustangsaretuff started following you


Tooth blinked, confused, “A-alright…”

Johnny looked away, sheepishly, and mumbled an apology. “Sory..”


well mr boogey man is gonna make some nightmares here and there but thats his job!

The…the boogey man?



"That’s good." She chuckled the next moment. "You already asked me that, dear."

”..Oh.” Johnny looked at her sheepishly. “S-sorry..”

If I predict anymore pairs


Do you always need to get things that are confusing to you?

I…no. Guess not..



"Oh c’mon-it’s not half bad"

He stared at her silently, wondering if he shook take up on her offer. He was curious, though..

"What…what is it?" Johnny asked quietly.

"'ey, Johnnycake. What's shakin' man?"

The teen shrugged his shoulders in reply. “Not much. What’s up with you, Dally?”

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